Lavi Perchik, born in 1980, is a figurative artist from Jerusalem, Israel.
Graduate of Hadassah Academic College in interactive communication and holds a bachelor’s degree from Bar Ilan University. He is a website designer and lecturer at Emuna College and Hadassah Academic College.

Self taught, he started drawing portraits in a realistic style in 1998. Studied sculpture and drawing with Alexander Cherkov and Yuri Matzkin at the People’s University of Tel Aviv in 2006, participated in a drawing class by Doron Livne at Bezalel in 2007, at a drawing club of Meidad Eliyahu and Maya Israel in 2012, at Julia Kay’s online group of portrait artists from 2017 and at Zoom drawing classes starting in 2020.

Paints and draws from pictures and observation using the mediums of charcoal, pastel and graphite.


2009, 2010
Group Exhibitions – Vancouver, Canada
2014, 2016
Group Exhibitions – Emuna College, Jerusalem
Group Exhibition – ZOA house, Tel Aviv